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Quality Medical Education

Our Story

Starlight Medical, LLC is an adult educational institute established in the late summer of 2014. The school was started in Camden, NJ out of a faith-based, non profit facility.

More about Starlight Medical's Specializations

Health care professionals have many choices to consider when pursuing a career in this industry. From deciding which type of patient to work with to selecting a specialization or focus of treatment to deciding between a lab, clinical or office environment, professionals in this field clearly indicate the need for excellent training facilities and instruction which will prepare them for this challenging yet rewarding field. There are several specializations and treatment facilities that professionals can consider. These include but are not limited to: oncology, cardiology, obstetrics, pediatrics, podiatry, hospitals, clinics surgical centers and more. Thus, Starlight Medical LLC will focus on preparing professionals to effectively handle the demands of their chosen occupation and practice. 

Our Vision

Starlight Medical, LLC will serve as the premiere resource in medical training and education in the South Jersey/ Philadelphia region. Our students will be fully prepared to perform at an exceptional level both in the workplace and throughout the community through volunteer workshops, community service and other outreach activities. We are committed to transforming our greater community by transforming ourselves as both learners and leaders in the industry.